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i will buy the dvd/blu ray/cd release for miku expo in LA/NY when it comes out omg


Watch and listen as I summon the technology of our ancient ancestors to bring forth the voice of Hatsune Miku

Sharing the World is by BIGHEAD

A bit of the Tell Your World performance :D

And here’s the Tell Your World/2D Dream Fever performance!!

And here’s part of the world is mine performance! :D

I opened the hakovision! Just watched the world is mine/story rider one! It’s really cool!!

(My japanese: “because of American fujoshi lol they also like kaito”)

Bonus! Photos Joey tried his best to take haha

Post-concert photos! And all the goodies I got today! The shirt is totally too big but it can be a pj shirt! uwu

Pre-concert photos!! Our seats were great!