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so much overkill


he’s got like his whole deck in his hand

why does the AI do this constantly

adding more energy does not make it look any stronger

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kyurem replied to your post: i want to build something with the new…

the UI isn’t laggy anymore, at least not to me tho.

(late reply but w/e) iunno i just always feel it’s slow and clunky. maybe more the latter than the former now, tho admittedly my graphics is still integrated on my desktop (tho i’ll prolly get a dedicated card relatively soon)

(ps tcgo name is professorbell)

welp, connectivity errors booted me off gw2 and i finished my dailies so i guess im good for today. tomorrow i’ll probably be helping crimsonskyes with his story quests (at the very least we’re getting the battle of claw island done) since we both have off owo maybe i’ll hit 70 too

happened to be around the frozen maw when the big boss spawned. i had to turn my character model limit down because holy shit i think my computer wanted to die

at one point someone said “my poor vid card lol” same


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hey cool my avatar’s hair loads this time. last time i played tcgo she’d end up bald for some reason

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匿名: whats a good japanese dictionary app you can recommend for android users?

the one i put on my tablet is labeled “JED” but to be honest I use my iPhone’s imiwa app more (which is sadly not on android last i checked :<) since I’m more used to it. I haven’t really tried many android J<->E dictionary apps, so maybe someone else can make some suggestions?

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