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匿名: Is your DS from Japan? Or is it an american one with its region settings to Japan?

my 3ds is japanese.

and for the record, you can’t change region settings on the 3ds, unless you count swapping out the internals with a japanese 3ds (which i HAVE heard of people doing to have an NA region in a JP-only 3ds/LL design)

Location-Bound Youkai - by Konishi Noriyuki

[Location-Bound Youkai - Jibanyan]

Jibanyan: I’m gonna go buy some juice!



(roll roll)

Jibanyan: Nyaaaa!

Keita: What did you just do, Jibanyan?!

Jibanyan: My life… is over nya…

Keita: No, you already died…

these in-game 4koma omg

mewsi replied to your post: Bike!

what game is this it looks absolutely incredible!

Youkai Watch! (the first one, though now both versions of 2 (ganso/honke) are out so i’m behind) it’s japan only tho :( no loc in sight

it’s very japanese-y and i can kinda see why no one picked it up since it’d end up being pretty niche here, unlike japan where it’s VERY popular. there’s an anime if you want to watch that though! the mc is the boy character (keita) instead of fumika who i’m playing


It looks like a top hat wow

As in 忘れん坊 and 帽子
I can’t

oh shit i almost forgot dangan ronpa 2 comes out tomorrow

dad forgot to tell me gamestop called lol

next week for smash bros 3ds JP

my paycheck comes right in time for it so i’ll get it then instead of waiting a bit lol

Faceless Together



For a while now I’ve been kind of meaning to write a long, in-depth post about 4chan

Beautiful. And one of the reasons while I’ll always be TF.

registered for jlpt N3 ;w;

i need to remember to do my flashcards more regularly…