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karen’s face

oh my gosh look how cute

scorp just flung his pen because bunbee keeps calling him various similar sounding words instead of his name omg

oh my god

basically, yoshi’s plain B further increases the size of the already scaled up characters that appear in multiman smash (the 50th and 100th in 100 multiman).

also, bonus possibly glitch: when i got the big yoshi, it swallowed me and spit me out into the sky, where i would have expected to fall, but instead somehow i was on some invisible ledge or something off to the right of the stage

Yoshi must be stopped


やってみた(笑)〜 Urara

We tried it out lol 〜 Urara

Hey, wait a minute, what is this?

i’m actually pretty excited about being so deep into my precure backlog. just three seasons after gogo and then… and then i’ll have watched all seasons of precure omg

and then i have all the movies to watch, which my plan is to watch them all chronologically (get the shit max heart movies over with first lol) and then i celebrate being 100% up-to-date with precure

i still like the OP even if i don’t know the lyrics well yet

>everyone else’s outfit basically pops on in a single flash

>lemonade’s happens in parts and she has some major movement in her animation

aaaah the yellow bias