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Pachirisu enjoying her World Championship trophy.

Photo taken by Sejun Park.

This is a boss and you’re fighting it to get a pair of underwear. Yeeeaaah that explains the no loc thing

Youkai Watch - Konishi Noriyuki

Keita: “Huh? It’s not lighting up…”

Keita: “The battery’s dead huh…”

Whisper: “You really think the Youkai Watch uses something like electricity to run?”

Keita: “Whoa… It’s got its own source of energy… What is it even…?”

[crank crank]

Whisper: “There we go!”

Keita: “A wind-up key?!”

there are 4koma you can read in the game itself in the community center omg



oooh my god no that pun hurts japan

Posted: 2日前 - Reblog?
匿名: Hi! What game are you playing?

Youkai Watch!

japan-only 3ds game sadly ;w;

The cutest thing by far tho is that you’re supposed to hit the button to cross the big streets at the cross walks and wait for them to change. And when you cross at the right time, you get a little “pinpon” sound and a music note bubble

You can take pictures and youkai will appear in them
Also, pajamas

『ソリティ馬』のスマートフォン版が発表!オンライン要素や「血統」などを追加し、F2Pに | インサイド

Solitiba (which is a game by Game Freak) is going to smartphones! iOS and Android, free to play. Japanese iTunes store and Google Play only most likely, but since it will be a free smartphone game, it’ll much easier to import than the 3ds version! It’s a quirky solitaire game, really cute style, definitely take a look guys! :3

匿名: Hi! I've been trying to learn Japanese for a while now and was wondering if you had any tips for Japanese learners? Thank you very much in advance!

dhsdsdj tbh i dont really know if i’m the best person to ask about this but uhhmm i guess i can try to give some tips

  • learn kana first, drop romaji as fast as you can. like for serious, take like a week or two to learn both hiragana and katakana, and then stop using romaji in your studies. while i never experienced it, it can become a crutch for some people and you totally dont want that. as a suggestion for how to learn/practice kana: the way i found best was to write the character repeatedly and say the syllable to myself as i wrote it.
  • use the language as often as you can. obviously you’ll have to learn some grammar before you can do this, but generally you want to read, listen, and write on a semi-regular basis (i admit to not always doing this myself whoops) in the language you’re learning. this doesn’t just go for japanese either. playing a video game in the language you’re learning, or reading a chapter of a book/manga in the language, watching a show without subtitles, stuff like that can be helpful. keeping a diary in the language you’re learning can be good too. if you don’t want to keep a physical diary and also are interested in having people correct your text, you can always use lang-8! edit: this is a little late for those reblogs but speaking is obviously something you should do too! but with japanese in specific, it can be hard to find someone to speak the language with unless you’re in japan. if you can find someone to skype with, or have a long-distance call with (or maybe non-long distance if you’re lucky), i’d definitely suggest doing so even if it can be hard to do sometimes. so really, speak it aloud when you can, but at the same time with japanese you might not really get the chance unless you actually go to japan (which is definitely another thing to do but it’s expensive).
  • don’t put off learning kanji. i know they’re scary looking and hard to write, but they can actually be a big life saver sometimes. like for example 水道, is 水 (water) and 道 (path) so you can tell from that it’s something to do with a path for water (it’s the word for water supply/service). this isn’t always the case but it happens more often than you’d think.

i cant think of any more but i hope that helps?

this is a thing i mentioned in like one post a while ago and yeah watch this video it’s interesting.