>new aa title is not “gyakuten saiban 6”
>people still wondering if it’s aa6
I dunno if you’d call it a “spin off” or a “side story” based on what we’ve seen so far but.



New Ace Attorney 3DS game unveiled ⊟

According to this Famitsu scan posted by @Lite_Agent, this new game takes place during Japan’s Meiji period (1868 - 1912, a.k.a. Rurouni Kenshin times) and naturally features a new star — it looks like that star is an ancestor of Phoenix Wright. He has a sword, too. Cool sword, new guy.

The full title, according to @CourtRecords_, is Dai Gyakuten Saiban - Naruhodou Ryuunosuke no Bouken, or Grand Turnabout Trial - The Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunosuke. As mentioned previously, Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi is once again heading the project, after taking a break from the series with Dual Destinies.

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ah, those articles are focusing their v1 release. its their first time subbing anime, and they have made a v2 release of the first ep recently

i still wouldn’t trust them

you can be big fans of something and still not really know what you’re doing. considering they have a shitload of translators with little subbing experience (subbing is nothing like just translating lyrics or scanlating manga, and i would know, i’ve dabbled in all of them (i’m bad at actually putting subs on things i admit this)), and i don’t even know if they have typesetters, timers, QC, or editors (dedicateones, not one of the translators picking up a second thing), while they sorta tout their whole “we’re big kagepro fans so we know the character quirks” (when, in reality, they probably know more of the “quirks” through another translator’s work or despite noticing them in japanese they don’t know how to really translate them into english) (not to mention needing the whole v2 so early and for what looks to be a pretty shoddy job anyway, i mean i don’t want to have to sit around waiting for v2 after v2 because they can’t get it decently enough the first time)… yeah nah

i mean, i can’t say i’m even really “fans” of any subbing group (cause all i really watch these days is precure and pokemon and i watch them raw because >children’s shows), but the circumstances around mekameka don’t make them look appealing at all.

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mekameka subs is subbing mekakucity actors!

they have a lower approval rating than horriblesubs on the mal page for the show (8 out of 21 compared to 27 out of 33)

i mean, horriblesubs is bad because it’s crunchyroll rips with special fonts and shit so i’m not even saying they’re good.

also, looking at a comparison

nah i’ll suffer through horriblesubs

oh right mekakucity actors is a show im watching this season that isn’t a year-long thing

god why does it not have any good subbing groups on it

ah right the episode preview is for the cancelled episode :V

more little bonnie, big alive (thank goodness) dinomon

i think meowth was supposed to sound “sick” (like, stuffed nose type) after being frozen but it doesn’t work very well when he already sounds like that :VVVV

shin-gのコメント: But its neutral to Fire

the scientist in the episode says that it’s weak to heat (not fire :P) and basically that its body temperature will rise dramatically unless it’s kept in the very cold type of environment like the one they have in a dome for it and amaruruga.