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>cell phone strap
even -I- have limits, crypton

Aaaaah I got a present from a japanese person we chatted with on the way to the expo area omg I’ll build it after the concert!!

10% off this weekend if you have mikuexpo tickets!

yeah the framerate drop can be noticeable, but imo a second human player makes a lot of missions very easy to handle so if you have someone who WANTS to play with you, it’s really helpful. plus its fun to play with someone (imo this wouldnt be a game i’d find worth the price on its own but i’m enjoying coop with joey)

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2p co-op makes a lot of hyrule warriors really easy wow

Oh, even imas2 ami and mami found their way to miku mix

Haruka go home

Azusa got lost

also cute sticker they had as a freebie and I picked up hatsune mix at Kinokuniya!

Miku origami!!