by 今宮だん

※ Permission to upload has been granted by the artist.

sometimes i remember this image

vp request - cheren and bel dressed like the tourist trainer class

when in a double battle, they’re “honeymooners”

if they weren’t calling me, i don’t know what they were doing

edit: hand fixing for reals this time

sina and b2w2 bel being cute lab assistants, vp request

i post the lines anon, but someone immediately remembers me and calls me by name in their response, so i joke that their request would have only been more bait-y for me if they threw bonnie in there. and then i drew bonnie into the drawing

>drawing bel wearing a hat
Work doodles

what else do you expect from me. no one on pixiv was doing it so here i am to do it myself.

it probably makes more sense if i switch their positions, but the girl already had a hat that resemble’s bel’s so shoosh (and the guy’s style fits cheren nicely too haha)

attempted to translate the text and make an english version of it, even though american (isshu is america so america is more relevant) news stuff looks almost nothing like it.


WHY did i not draw something like this till now.