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New “Pokémon With You” merch, with this super cute design! They have a shirt and a tote with the image as silhouettes, a mug and handkerchief with the full color art, and a wristband with the Pokémon With You logo on it.

Part of the money they earn from selling the Pokémon With You merch series goes towards charities to help with the recovery from the earthquake that happened last year.


Pokemon Photos from Tokyo - Oshawott Radio Contorolled Car Toy

べるとちぇれん by からすみ on pixiv

歩く早さ。 by のあヲ on pixiv

With the starter mascots~♪

おでかけしようよ! by もずし on pixiv

With the starters!

元小説用線画4 by 菊乃 on pixiv

by メセ

【ドットgifアニメ】やっと会えるね! by ミゲルふとし on pixiv