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I think I’m gonna put up my few spare munna onto gts in a little while.

I’ll go check their IVs first and mark them all. They are all quiet, a few of them have the DW ability (telepathy) and they should have like 3-5 perfect IVs. I’ll nickname them and stuff. Look for ベル from Yamanashi, Japan if you’re interested.

My baby uwu <3

I have three trained musharna (Rapunzel (white), Rella (white2), and Serena (X)), one in-training munna (Leilani (Y)), a possible doubles munna (Blossom (X)), and an army of other munna (including the munna I used in Black for dream world (Yumeko)).

I still require a shiny munna/musha to complete my Munna Master training.


don’t fuck with me or i will sick my dream smoke army on u

(i don’t have a shiny munna/musha yet but GOD i wish i did even if shiny munna is a yicky green… shiny musha is pretty tho and i almost want to try for one…)


Happy birthday Ritsubel!

/vp/ drawthread request: bel dressed as a munna in this pose

dress is vaguely based on that one kuragehime cosplay

ポケモンバレンタイン by NOXI

ベルの旅 by こゆき on pixiv

もうすぐポケモンBW2発売 by はちまる on pixiv