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匿名: Is your DS from Japan? Or is it an american one with its region settings to Japan?

my 3ds is japanese.

and for the record, you can’t change region settings on the 3ds, unless you count swapping out the internals with a japanese 3ds (which i HAVE heard of people doing to have an NA region in a JP-only 3ds/LL design)

mewsi replied to your post: Bike!

what game is this it looks absolutely incredible!

Youkai Watch! (the first one, though now both versions of 2 (ganso/honke) are out so i’m behind) it’s japan only tho :( no loc in sight

it’s very japanese-y and i can kinda see why no one picked it up since it’d end up being pretty niche here, unlike japan where it’s VERY popular. there’s an anime if you want to watch that though! the mc is the boy character (keita) instead of fumika who i’m playing

wwooper replied to your post: “Sharing The World” - BIGHEAD ft. Hat…

EEEE hopefully they’ll hold a miku expo somewhere in canada :)

All the locations were voted on! It looks like the voting for the final location (judging by the last blank box on the main miku expo page) has ended since they removed the voting page link. Personally, I think they might go for somewhere in europe to cover more of the world, but at the same time canada is fairly possible! it does depend on votes and all that. but assuming that these concerts go well, they’ll probably make more tours outside of japan in the future :D

匿名: are u french

no but technically yes

part of my family came from france. it’s one of the few multitude of parts i remember (besides french i remember norwegian and irish… and i think polish is in there? i dont honestly remember them all; it’s a lot of european places), but i really have no connection to any of them so i don’t consider myself to be anything besides american :V

kyurem replied to your post: i want to build something with the new…

the UI isn’t laggy anymore, at least not to me tho.

(late reply but w/e) iunno i just always feel it’s slow and clunky. maybe more the latter than the former now, tho admittedly my graphics is still integrated on my desktop (tho i’ll prolly get a dedicated card relatively soon)

(ps tcgo name is professorbell)

匿名: c-can you fill me in on what happened with pachirisu? that little thing's pic is all over /vp/ and i obviously cant expect them to tell me why. thanks. also, the title of your blog. every. fuggin. time.

rip in peace bill hehe

anyway, se jun park used a pachi in his master’s division world championship team, and he won. pachi ran nuzzle, follow me, protect, and super fang, with the ability volt absorb. not only was he a crowd favorite to win based on his previous experience, but the pachi was pretty much legendary, able to take down pretty much anything and was a major part of his victory.

匿名: I'm curious to know what you have against hardsubs. Mind sharing?

i don’t actually really care either way when it comes to watching a show subbed if it’s soft or hard, but i like softsubs more because i can turn them off for clean screencaps. turning them off also basically makes it a raw file (and finding batches of raws is a joke) which i kinda like having for precure since it lets me work on my listening skills. while i can just ignore the subs, it’s hard since my eyes sort of gravitate towards the text unintentionally.

匿名: How do you join/play x[chi]?

First, you should hit the big heart button on the right on this page:

you’re probably going to need to make a yahoo japan ID, so when it prompts for sign-in, click “新規取得”. you’ll then get a form which even google translate should be able to get you through, but in order the items are:

  • e-mail
  • yahoo japan ID (username)
  • password (must be at least 6 characters, numbers or letters)
  • password (again)
  • zip code (you can fudge this with a google search)
  • gender: male/female
  • birthday (format: YYYYMMDD)
  • check box for if you want the mail magazine
  • security check
  • if you have a “t-card” (yes/no)

the security check might be hard if you can’t type in japanese, but wikipedia’s page on kana should be able to help you just copy-paste them over.

after that, i don’t think you even have to verify the e-mail or anything, and you can just sign in and hop right into x[chi]. KHinsider has some good guides for the way the game works as well as full translations for the story missions. You can check their forum’s x[chi] section for more stuff, most of the important helpful topics are sticky’d, like the explanation of the event missions (currently the 1st anniversary gummi collecting missions). :3

匿名: When we get a new ED probably. So not until August 10th at the earliest. Precure never adds in the new Cures until we get a new ED. Heartcatch and Suite are special cases. Because they had two EDs as is usual and Yuri and Ako joined in after they already brought in the second ED.

it’s just weird how the new ed was like episode 24 from what i remember of other seasons and it just feels like we’re supposed to have the new ed now, especially since the whole team has been assembled for a couple of weeks now too. the OP animation hasn’t really be changed from what i can tell since honey too. iunno it just feel like it should have happened already

匿名: Is Ramune candy good? I've never eaten it or drunken the drink by the same name.

the ramune candy that comes with the mascot charms and pokemon kids figures and etc is good. they’re kinda like life savers in texture, but they have a soda flavor that only japanese candies seem to do (it’s not like the “cola” flavor that some US candies have). i really like the soda flavor so yea owo