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graceybird replied to your post: girls only club right here (sssh i kno…

Oh my gosh, did Jiggly gain the XY girl protag hat? That’s adorable

yeah, her alts include leaf’s hat, serena’s hat, and a nurse joy cap


at first I thought the confession was very cuTE BUT THEN H E HAD TO MENTION RUNNING INT O A WALL o H MY GO D STAHL


i accidentally ended up romancing souru just because i’d always pair sumia with chrom and i liked the idea of “MC” character (aka: someone who gives a game over if dead) with a person on a horse-thing so i just kept pairing my fMU with him and suddenly S rank

his japanese confession is sweeter tho ;w; (it’s at :50 or so here), no random “running into a wall” thing tacked on. It’s like “I won’t divert my eyes anymore, because.. I’ve always loved you. I only… want to look at you.” (or something like that). I see where they got the bit but at the same time it seems too silly compared to his japanese one ;w;

mako-symptoms: How do I create a JP account on the 3DS? D;

you need to have a japanese 3ds to access the japanese eshop

匿名: I'm pretty sure High School is like college in Japan.

大学 is different from 高学校 so not really?

i mean, my only look into japanese high school is from pop culture, but college in japan isn’t really the same (it’s also not quite like college in america but that’s not relevant here). they’re most definitely different levels of schooling regardless tho

dr2 spoilers


toutouya replied to your post: sooooo how many asks do you think i’ll…

hundreds of asks

i cant wait lol

i wonder if it should tag it or not lol

good thing for me is i wont ever post video so people can make fun of how bad i am (im bad at smash)

匿名: Is your DS from Japan? Or is it an american one with its region settings to Japan?

my 3ds is japanese.

and for the record, you can’t change region settings on the 3ds, unless you count swapping out the internals with a japanese 3ds (which i HAVE heard of people doing to have an NA region in a JP-only 3ds/LL design)

mewsi replied to your post: Bike!

what game is this it looks absolutely incredible!

Youkai Watch! (the first one, though now both versions of 2 (ganso/honke) are out so i’m behind) it’s japan only tho :( no loc in sight

it’s very japanese-y and i can kinda see why no one picked it up since it’d end up being pretty niche here, unlike japan where it’s VERY popular. there’s an anime if you want to watch that though! the mc is the boy character (keita) instead of fumika who i’m playing

wwooper replied to your post: “Sharing The World” - BIGHEAD ft. Hat…

EEEE hopefully they’ll hold a miku expo somewhere in canada :)

All the locations were voted on! It looks like the voting for the final location (judging by the last blank box on the main miku expo page) has ended since they removed the voting page link. Personally, I think they might go for somewhere in europe to cover more of the world, but at the same time canada is fairly possible! it does depend on votes and all that. but assuming that these concerts go well, they’ll probably make more tours outside of japan in the future :D

匿名: are u french

no but technically yes

part of my family came from france. it’s one of the few multitude of parts i remember (besides french i remember norwegian and irish… and i think polish is in there? i dont honestly remember them all; it’s a lot of european places), but i really have no connection to any of them so i don’t consider myself to be anything besides american :V