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Your anime superpowers are amazing. I edited the subs for the first 6 episodes of Yes 5 and that alone was enough to make me not want to watch the rest.

i love my children’s anime. this is the sixth full season i’m watching (as of right now i’ve finished 5 and am up-to-date on the current season). so far i just really like the main group so its really fun. tho nightmare has a weird dynamic with the “business” type group and with there already being tension in the ranks.

tho i’d argue you have to really give it a few more episodes past the initial group gathering (which for yes ends at episode 6 :V), cause the first few really just introduce everyone, where after they all become cures you can get a real taste of what the show will be more like.

匿名: do you have a scent allergy? i do and i have it as a migraine trigger so i can't handle scents at all.

i think by “scent” you mean stuff like incenses and perfumes and stuff and not just smells in general? anyway, yeah i guess? it’s usually not too bad or anything, but lately my nose has been extra sensitive for whatever reason and its awful D: it hasn’t been un-stuffy for so long and i’ve been having headaches on and off

匿名: You're planning on watching through the end of Doki Doki! today? I hope you have some other anime to watch because the actual finale is not very good. Especially when compared to the episode before it.

yes, i will finish dokipre today. i will have yespre finished downloading sometime today (hopefully) so there will be that to start, but dunno. who knows, maybe i’ll enjoy the ending, i have a hipster taste and all that lol

mabufu: ベル博士 I have a final (probably) iM@S question~ I'm sorry to keep bothering you but you're so helpful uwu So I'm about to buy some DLC. I've got my JP PSN account all set up. But I want to make sure I get my PSN yen cards from somewhere that isn't gonna scam me. Where do you get yours from? I can probably figure out how to actually add the code and get the money afterwards. Probably. (honestly my 日本語 has improved SO MUCH just from playing OFA I feel like I could do anything)

i haven’t bought a psn card in a while, but i mostly used play-asia for getting them (go digital only, no shipping wait, just about a day at most for them to send you the code). there was another place i used for a while but their conversion rates jumped higher than play-asia’s, so i think play-asia has the best prices from the places i’ve looked. they’re still not great but they’re tolerable

site url is:

go to the digital codes section for all the different types of prepaid cards (they seem to do a lot more regions now too huh (admittedly i haven’t used them for any importing in a while now thanks to the jpn eshop taking my card and amiami being plain better for games since they charge in yen so you get straight conversions at time of purchase (i don’t think they do digital codes for cards tho sadly))

匿名: You've already watched past episode 37 but I just wanted to let you know that you should have watched the movie between episodes 36 and 37 since the movie is canon and explains what happens to Mephisto between those episodes.

i dont really do the movies *shrug*

iunno just dont feel like it most of the time and they’re not necessary to watch to understand what’s going on. i feel like they’d just feel like a detour when i could just keep going like usual.

maybe i’ll watch them later or something iunno. i’ve only watched the smile one after the end of the season (i watched smile closer to air dates so it wasn’t even possible to get the movie at the right episode window), but that was with joey right after i got back from japan last year and i literally fell asleep from jet lag so it’s kinda a blur to me lol

mabufu: Hello! I have yet another iM@S OFA question. I'm probably just being thick, but I don't totally understand the difference between rate and score. For example, what does a skill that increases VO rate do vs. a skill that increases VO score? Does rate make your voltage go up more when you hit VO during songs, and score just give you more points each time you hit VO? I read the wiki but I'm still confused :3

rate is the %s around the center of the buttons. score is the raw number of points earned for each hit (the numbers that come up above the buttons after each hit).

i’m not entirely sure on how the rate skills affect the rate and to what degree, but i assume that when raising it by hitting another button (example: hitting dance notes will raise visual (uh i think that’s order sorry if i’m wrong it’s been a while since i looked at the game)), it will increase the % more than without the skill?

i dont think voltage is directly affected by either rate or score skills.


im really wondering what will happen to the game when it (and the other handful of BW-only trainers) get rotated out, which could be soon

hm do we know what the rotation for the upcoming season is yet?

in juniper’s case at least we have sycamore covering that since the cards have the exact same effect

as for an N replacement, i guess more people will be playing colress?? aside from those cards and shauna, what else does the current format have for draw support

I think we’re all just guessing on the rotation. rotating out all of BW makes the most sense in terms of i guess the time (we’re solidly into gen6 now), though i guess it’s possible they might not think it’s enough sets (that would be 3-4 sets (not sure if the kalos starter set really counts or not) around the time the rotation actually happens)

like, yeah, araragi has sycamore to be replaced with in the literal sense. we’d loose rare candy, which could actually be kinda bad for evolution decks, and yeah it looks like there’s not a lot of draw support at least in trainers. iunno maybe they won’t rotate out BW yet, though it might make next year pretty much the same things all over (hypnotoxic laser too op) which would be kinda lame

teatime-plasmid: Hi there! Sorry to bother. I was reading your special parts tutorial and I wanted to ask, when you edit the morphs/parameters of a special part is it just for a keyframe or will it save itself to that rig permanently?

when you edit the parameters, you’re changing how the program morphs each object for the different kinds of movement. you’re kind of altering the rig i guess, telling it how to respond to different kinds of input. it’s permanent.

匿名: do you into competitive battling?

not really haha

i’ve always comprehended the tcg better, tho my competitive experience is almost non-existent for that too (and admittedly i dont have the money to really handle proper deck building when i’ve been out of the tcg scene for so long). i’ve made some teams here and there in xy with my boyfriend’s help to attempt to take on the maison, but that’s about where my competitive battling experience ends lol

i’d love to get back into the tcg scene even just casually, but all the leagues are fairly long drives away now. i’ve joked around on the tcg online game but i dont find the ui easy to navigate/work with, so building a deck on there even if i have the cards is a big pain.

i did play some casual doubles over wifi in xy for a while, doing some ranked for fun, but when the rating season changed to 2013-14 vgc rules, my team was no longer legal for that and i kinda stopped

sourgoat: thank you! one more question what did you name your glasses, did you name then in english with the "special" items" part. I'm unsure if its messing with the eyes or not since i colored in the lense part

the special parts have to have 追加_ or 追加パーツ_ before them, but anything afterwards should be fine regardless of language, tho i usually have to type it out so i just finish it in japanese

make sure the frames and lenses are all together on one layer though, but 追加_glasses should work just as well as 追加_メガネ with regards to layer name