alto-saxのコメント: what about a wedding dress?

if that’s a question directed towards me about the last part, yes i think wedding dresses are a waste of money too. at least with holiday-related dresses, it’s something you might be able to wear again the following year, or for events around the same season. but wedding dresses are stupidly expensive and you wear it for barely a day and then stick it in some box to collect dust. so, to me, a wedding dress is like the biggest waste of money on clothing people regard as “normal”. (i also don’t even really find them all that pretty anyway)

i guess it’s worth saying i have never had a “dream wedding” sort of thing, because not only do i hate large celebrations, but personally i’d much rather spend money on doing something far more memorable (while i have no “dream wedding”, i have a “dream honeymoon” (it’s going to disneyworld for like a week, staying on-on site at one of the high end hotels, having a few character meals (cinderella’s castle is a fairly high priority one), having dinner at the hibachi portion of the epcot japanese restaurant, going on all my favorite rides with them, taking goofy pictures around the parks (bonus: with characters), etc etc.))

ignore my rambling hahahahaaaa

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i-i wasnt thinking about a prequel but i guess that works too. i was thinking like, maybe some evil team try to fuse the three in order to recreate the original dragon idk ttylbai

oh that could be interesting too! though dunno if it would really be the “true” original dragon, as fusing the three together might not really form it again? iunno their split is weird (interesting of course though), and personally (despite how i depicted it in my nuzlocke comic) i’m not so certain black/white kyurem are sort-of a partial resemblance of the original dragon. maybe they’d make something completely different even, fusing the three together, as kyurem was more “created” when the original dragon split into reshi/zekro so it sorta implies that kyurem wasn’t technically part of the original dragon but is merely an empty shell kind of thing.

the tao trio myth is really interesting, don’t feel bad about asking/talking about it owo

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>(along with another return to isshu) that i know won’t ever happen --lel. are you a fellow believer that one day, the original unova dragon will show us its true form?

that would be a prequel that i would totally enjoy

but no i don’t believe it would ever happen nor would they need to really. that would be a prequel set so far into the past that the story would predate, like, everything. iunno it would be a very interesting world-building story but one i don’t think they’d do.

i just want them to go back to isshu and check in on bel and cheren again (and the rest of the isshu crew not including N)



now’s the time for this gif again

mizunosakuraのコメント:Seeing those outfits makes me want to remember my information for this game forever ago. Except not understanding Japanese meant I didn’t get very far but Disney Magical World is awesome and it makes me want to play this again.

i thought it wanted, like, people to pay money, but digging deeper i guess not. either way, looks like you either have to get stupid lucky/good at the small minigames to get, like, any pecos worth having… or just play for an extremely long amount of time.

I’m thinking about getting the 3ds title cause it probably has better money earning rates since you have to buy it and it’s for the most part constant (even though there’s dlc, all but one dlc item/pack is just clothing/furniture).

avocado-sliceのコメント: So this Trozei is not really a sequel? No Lucy? No Phobos Battallion? ;_;

no story at all, no turner art (cries)

it’s a sequel in concept, not in story.

aetherflowのコメント: just curious, what have you tried so far?

uhm lesse

  • beating them all at once [~1k points] (electric attack)
  • beating them all at once [~1k points] (ground attack)
  • beating them one at a time [~1k points] (electric attacks)
  • beating them one at a time [~1k points] (ground attacks)
  • beating them all at once ending with ~3k points (ground attack)
  • beating them all one at a time ending with ~5k points (ground attacks)
  • beating them with fairy attack(s) (can’t remember if i tried both “beat all at once” and “beat one at a time” though)

all the “all at once” were also on first combo.

i think i tried something involving attacking them with the raichu trozei through partnering it, but i’m not sure. maybe it has to be something of neutral effectiveness? or maybe something fairy is weak to?


Post ending musings. Major spoilers obviously.

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bravely default spoilers


defyingeschatonのコメント:wouldnt raiotto be something like ninja riot? though that is a really strange name……… maybe not

yea i sorta want to go with “riot” but at the same time not lol

that would be a ridiculously silly name tho if it is “riot”


talk pokemon bw and bw2 to me i beg, tell me about your headcanons, or ask me about mine just…gen 5

im too tired for much but here is some for u

  • bel has an ahoge too but it’s just like a thin one not weirdly shaped like cheren’s (MY DUMB DRAWINGS OF HER WITH A HEART-SHAPED ONE ASIDE….)
  • age-wise it’s like touya/ko>cheren>bel>kyouhei/mei=hyu
  • i don’t solidly know if i headcanon either touya and touko as separated-at-birth twins, cousins of some kind, or completely unrelated (i want to ship them BUT…..)
  • bel’s b2w2 glasses were either: a - an old pair of cheren’s that she had the lenses replaced in, b - picked out for her by cheren during one of the last times they saw each other face-to-face before their meeting two years later in hiougi city, or c - picked out by herself because they reminded her of cheren. I DON’T KNOW WHICH I CAN’T DECIDE
  • bel and cheren still spoke through their livecasters during those two years they didn’t meet during, but it was sporadic due to their different schedules
  • cheren trained under other gym leaders such as whitney and yacon (definitely yacon at least) during those two years before he became a gym leader on his own
  • bel has relatives in kalos (headcanon because “belle” is also an acceptable romaji and it comes from french and all that)


i think that is enough for now because i should sleep